Boy, that word can sometimes be really scary to say .. so we've said it for you.

We know it’s scary getting out of your comfort zone. In those fuzzy slippers and jammies your wearing ..

.. watching marathon sessions of The L Word and Orange is the New Black is just so familiar. Yup, yup, that used to be me! Well.. this does not make ‘Jane’ a fun girl and I’m sure you’d love more friends and a life outside of work and those four (seven, ten, whatnot) walls at home. Those walls are pleading for more entertainment!

So why not brush your hair away from your face, smile and come say hello to us at our regular newbies nights we host. We are just waiting to meet you, give your a friendly face to greet and maybe let you beat us at pool. Or not, as you choose.

If you are still feeling shy, why not say hello via the form on the right and we’ll break the ice with you as gently as possible. We are a fun bunch, and we’ll have you emerging from your shell soon enough.

See you soon,

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