The Future & The Dream To Grow National

(we are nearly six years old)
Cathie Heart

Cathie Heart

Lesbian Socials Founder

Lesbian Socials started as a personal whim by our founder Cathie Heart, to make friends and have a local network of people to go ‘do stuff’ with, social events, cinema nights, picnics in the park etc. The stuff of life that is fun vs being an online hermit. This wish to make fellow LBT friends is really tough to do when there is no social space for women who are gay that is not a sports group, a book club, a coming out support line or the club scene.

So a social space for meeting up with like-minded women in Leeds was born thanks to the online social community A few years later and there are hundreds of women who have the same wish .. to have lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender women friends.


Here we are!

The Pain, The Joy & The Dream

The Past

Cathie as a self confessed internet hermit, barely saw anyone outside of work that was social .. not because she didn’t try .. but because there were no gay spaces where she could hear an actual conversation. Being a single lesbian who struggles to hear .. it wasn’t ideal trying to make friends out on the scene where it’s loud and overwhelming.

So she created a LBT social space on for Leeds .. and it grew .. and grew.

The Present

Now we have a vibrant network of women creating and hosting social events for LBT women to attend and enjoy across the yorkshire region. Hosting a regular Newbies Night where the new folk to the group know that they will be met and welcomed into the social space .. where regulars can catch up and welcome new faces. To attend picnics in the park, cinema nights, meals out and once in a while a new sport like to learn to do archery. Why not!

The Future

We’d love for all LBT women in the UK be able to join in and find friendship in their local area, not just online. To grow a network that has social spaces in little towns and the big cities, so that every woman can find women like themselves in the community around them. Where you know local people, have local events and know you will find a friend or even a few .. no matter your age or location.

So what’s next?

We want to grow national!

We are crowdfunding to build a new meetup events network

specifically for Lesbian Socials.


We call it Lesbian Socials 2.0, first we started on and we are outgrowing its service so we want our own network. So 2.0, build that new network, we need your help to raise the funds to afford the creation of this new network. Like meetup, but better as its just for all of us lovely gay women, with some features like ..


Local Events Lists

A events network where you can see all the local events happening near you for gay women, run by women like you.


Better Security

Each profile will be linked to a real verified person, this will be our one big distinction from other networks. All profiles will be vetted in person before becoming fully active.

Community Funding

The network will be fully self funded via a subscription model, meaning that everyone contributes. Funds raised above the running costs will mean more community events can be funded, for example, womens spaces at Pride Events.

Please Donate

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Please be in touch, we are trying to find you but maybe you have found us first!

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