Lesbian Socials . In

A place to meet and make friends in a low key social space.

You’re here for some new mates?

Good, so are we!

Do you like to play pool or make friends?

Well then you are certainly going to love us, because that’s our most popular night. We host a regular ‘newbies night’ meetup every other week and it has pool tables! I find it much easier to be social when there is a game happening, or something to visually look at and joke about to keep the little ‘awkward’ moments from popping up too often.

This newbies night is aimed at anyone who is new to the city, to the scene, to the group and want friendly faces to turn into friends. We have lots of regulars but be assured we get lots of new folks too and you won’t be strangers for long. Most of our new folk say they’ll only be there for an hour .. maybe .. and often they are still there by the time we finish chatting, playing pool or carrying on out to the bars in the small hours of the morning!

Still if you are the truly anxious kind, the great thing is, is that if after half an hour you really don’t feel like you’ve clicked and feel that nervous can’t breathe kind thing, don’t fret. Feel free to leave, become calm againĀ  and come back in, or come back on another newbies night and try again. I guarentee within three newbies nights you will have a friend you connect with.

Do you love to chat about books?

Then why not join our book group here in Leeds, Tara is your girl in the know.

Do you love to climb rocks and trees?

IMG_20140504_065724Ohhh then you’re in for a treat. Ask for Katie and / or Anna in Leeds, they love to be monkeys and have fun.

How about asking friends out for fun?

Do you like creating events to invite friends to? If so then we are definitely a space you’ll love. Every member has the ability to create their own event and invite others to join them. There are only a couple of things we ask first:

  1. That you have come to a couple of the newbies nights and other events first before you start listing events.
  2. That you chat about ideas for events at one of the regular newbies nights. If no one is interested at that time then simply don’t list it. If folks are interested .. then full speed ahead and have fun!
  3. That’s it, no other requests. Just simple, sweet curtesy.

Why did I create this social space for women who love women?

Who can hear each other in noisy clubs?

I was bored of trying to make friends on the scene in clubs where NO ONE can hear anyone else! What is up with that?! So I created this social space first in Leeds and it’s going great and I’m building my dream of seeing a social group like mine in lots cities across the UK. I screwed up my courage big time and thought ‘what change do I want to see in the world’ and this was it. I want friends, laughter, fun and a local life to be mine. I want the same for you too.

  • A place where we can make friends. 100%
  • A place where we can chat without shouting. 80%
  • A place where friends may beat us at pool! 50%
  • A place where we can laugh till we cry. 90%
  • A place where we can dance crazy and just not care. 80%

Come out and play!